Today’s Victory Garden starts here.

Landscape Plant Source specializes in providing Northern Californians with the quality, variety, and maturity of plants and trees that simply can’t be found in a walk-in nursery.

Now more than ever, people are spending more time at home, valuing self-reliance and embracing a DIY spirit. A productive source of delicious fruit can be yours in less time when you start with a mature fruit tree or shrub. Several of our fruit trees, including the Babcock Peach, are available in sizes up to a 24” box, delivered directly to your door, without the waste and inconvenience of additional cardboard to dispose of.

Ready to get growing? Shop our entire collection of fruit trees and shrubs.

What is a Victory Garden?

During World War I and World War II, residents of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany planted victory gardens, also known as “war gardens” or “food gardens for defense,” at private residences and public parks. Governments encouraged people to plant victory gardens not only to supplement their rations with vegetables, fruits, and herbs but also to boost morale, as gardeners could feel empowered by their contribution of labor and rewarded by the produce grown. This made victory gardens a part of daily life on the home front.

What areas of Northern California do you serve?

To ensure the freshest, fastest delivery of your plants and trees, we serve areas within a defined radius of our nurseries. To find out if you are within our delivery area, enter your zip code here:


How much will my delivery cost?

We charge a flat rate delivery fee on each order, and you can order as many plants as you like. Plant orders of $500 or more receive free delivery.

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“I couldn’t have asked for better service. The delivery was flawless and the product was exactly as I imagined in both size and quality. Maybe better!”

“The people at Landscape Plant Source are true professionals. They really know their stuff. I’ve never experienced this level of expertise at my local garden center.”

“I ordered four hydrangeas and several azaleas for a large backyard and there wasn’t a single one that was of questionable quality. I can’t wait to see these plants flourish in our yard, and I’m excited to make my next purchase from Landscape Plant Source!”