Landscape Plants Delivered

Explore our vast selection of plants and trees for any type of landscape project

Landscape Plant Source delivers plants outside the box.

We provide the best plants, trees, and landscape supplies for your Northern California garden—and deliver them straight to your home. With Landscape Plant Source, each order is delivered by truck from our local nurseries, without cardboard packaging. This means no waste, only big, beautiful plants that are garden-ready. We deliver boxed trees, too!



Whether you’re doing a complete landscape project or just want to fill out the look of your yard, there are many factors to consider beforehand. Click below to learn how to start any project.

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Your garden—and its style—are uniquely yours. We can help you source plants for any garden setting: traditional, native, edible, and many more. Click below to browse garden style ideas.

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Your plants are either growing or resting throughout the year. This means they must be cared for differently every season. It’s not hard. You can learn how to care for them all year long by clicking below.

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