What areas in Northern California do you serve?

To ensure the freshest, fastest delivery of your plants and trees, we serve areas within a defined radius of our nurseries. To find out if you are within our delivery area, enter your zip code here:


When should I expect delivery of my plants?

Your plants should be delivered within two weeks of receipt of your order. You’ll be notified once your delivery has been scheduled.

Will you put my plants in the ground when you deliver them?

The driver delivers to your curbside only. Make sure you have help moving your delivery to its location if you are ordering a mature tree.

We cannot place your plants in the ground for you. You can, however, request a preferred spot for drop off on your property. For example: Please leave our plant on the left of the driveway. We will try our best to accommodate your request.

There will be a copy of the packing slip left with your plants. There is no need for anyone to meet the truck.

How much will my delivered plants weigh?

The weight of each plant depends on the size of the plant and the type of soil in its container. Approximate maximum weights are:

1 gallon – 7 lbs
5 gallon – 25 lbs
15 gallon – 70 lbs
24” box – 250 lbs

Why are some plants of the same size priced differently from others?

Prices vary among similar sized plants. This is because some plants may be slower growing or may have required more resources to grow than other varieties of the same size. The time and resources used for a slower-growing plant are reflected in the price.

How do your plant prices compare with other garden centers?

We try to keep our prices competitive with your local garden centers.

What level of quality can I expect from your plants?

We sell “retail quality” plants that compare with local retail nurseries. We want you to get excellent quality plants without having to leave your house to shop.

Do you have a minimum order amount?

There is no minimum order amount.

Can I come to your nursery and pick out plants in person?

We are an online retailer, so our nurseries are not open to customers.

Can I order by phone?

All orders must be placed online.

What if I want to cancel my order?

Requests for cancellation must be made by email. A restocking fee of 50% will apply to plants that have been pulled. Orders CANNOT be cancelled once the order is in the loading process or has been shipped.

How much will my delivery cost?

We charge a flat rate delivery fee on each order. Plant orders of $500 or more receive free delivery.

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