E.B. Stone Organics Ultra Bloom Plant Food 0-10-10

Excellent for flowering plants and especially ideal in promoting blooms for azaleas, camellias, and rhododendrons.


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E.B. Stone Organics Ultra Bloom Plant Food 0-10-10


Common Nursery Plant Forms

We use plant forms to describe how a plant has been grown in our nursery. Here are some common nursery plant forms explained.

A bush or multi refers to a shrub or small tree grown with multiple stems.

A standard has been trained to have a single trunk.
Many bush/multi plants are also available in standard form, so be sure to check the form when you add plants to your cart.

A column refers to a tree or shrub grown into a tall, narrow shape.

An espalier is a plant trained to grow in a two-dimensional form against a trellis.

Staked plants will be tied to a wooden or plastic stake during the growing process. This technique is generally used on vines but is sometimes used for certain trees or shrubs.