E.B. Stone Cactus Planting Mix

An ideal potting mix for all types of indoor cactus and succulents. Contains fir bark, lava rock, Canadian sphagnum peat moss, sand, redwood compost, and mushroom compost.


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E.B. Stone Cactus Planting Mix


Common Nursery Plant Forms

We use plant forms to describe how a plant has been grown in our nursery. Here are some common nursery plant forms explained.

A bush or multi refers to a shrub or small tree grown with multiple stems.

A standard has been trained to have a single trunk.
Many bush/multi plants are also available in standard form, so be sure to check the form when you add plants to your cart.

A column refers to a tree or shrub grown into a tall, narrow shape.

An espalier is a plant trained to grow in a two-dimensional form against a trellis.

Staked plants will be tied to a wooden or plastic stake during the growing process. This technique is generally used on vines but is sometimes used for certain trees or shrubs.